Terms and Conditions

Main Information

  1. The owner of the herby mentioned internet shop is the General Company MONEKS 1 Blanka Gebhard W.P.K. i W. Ośrodek Harcerski with headquarters in Chorzow next to Al. Harcerska 3A, registered in Katowice under number 25508, mentioned below as P.W. „MONEKS 1”.
  2. P.W. „MONEKS 1” is a side in the sales agreement between the Client and figures on receipt or invoice as a salesman of products. Client receives the confirmation of the above information on the receipt from the stocks when receiving the Product. If the client wishes to receive an invoice, we would like to ask to fill in appropriate Adnotations information when placing an order.

  3. PRODUCTS, are any merchandise or services, which the client can purchase in our Moneks 1 Internet Shop. All products offered by Moneks 1 are of the highest quality and have all necessary certificates which are required by Government.
  4. The condition of placing an order is clients agreement to regulations regarding the Rules and Costs of delivery.

  5. Products in Moneks 1 internet shop can only be purchased by adults.
  6. By placing an order in the Shop, the Client allows using the personal details given in the form which complies with “art. 24 ust. 1 Ustawy from 29 August 1997 r.” about protection of personal data. Clients personal data are kept in P.W. „MONEKS 1” database and at the same time the Client allows the use of personal data by P.W. „MONEKS 1”. for advertising-marketing purposes. According to the Rules and Regulations of data protection agreement, the Client can view his or hers details and change them at any time, as well as they can demand from the company not using their personal data.

  7. By placing an order the client confirms the knowledge of Rules & Regulations, and accepts them.


II. Offer, Duration, Placing Orders

Form of Confirmation

  1. The offer of our shop is available everywhere.
  2. The range of products offered in the shop changes and is constantly updated, and it takes place every hour.

  3. The products put up for SALES is limited and the orders are being taken in sequence of orders until the stock is finished.
  4. P.W. „MONEKS 1” reserves the rights to withdraw products from special Sale without any given reason.

  5. The orders will be taken and confirmed in the sequence of placed order.
  6. During the sales, the Client can place an order for unlimited amounts, but P.W. „MONEKS 1” can reject the orders if the stocks are finished, or if the company is unable to provide the sufficient amount.

  7. The condition for placing an order requires the Client to fill up P.W. „MONEKS 1” order forms which can be found on the web page using the company mechanisms. 

  8. When the order is placed, the Client is informed about the order on the final order form. The Client will receive an information via e-mail, post or phone if the order cannot be fulfilled at the time. 
  9. P.W. „MONEKS 1” reserves the rights to verify the order. If the information given on the form are not correct, P.W. „MONEKS 1” can withdraw an order or the company can change the conditions of the order.

  10. The Client, is obliged to give the current phone number and e-mail address under which he can be contacted in case of problems with order. Giving incorrect information may result in order being withdrawn.

  11. Incorrectly filled orders will not be accepted.

  12. Every order will be viewed within two working days from the day when the order is placed. In case of ambiguity and lack of response the order will be cancelled after 7 days.
  13. P.W. „MONEKS 1” can adjust prices at any time, but after the product is ordered the price present at time of order is the price which client has to pay.

  14. The Seller reserves the rights to withdraw products at any time. 


III. Delivery and Forms of payment

  1. The Decision about the form of delivery is made by Client when filling up the form.

  2. The Terms & Conditions of delivery are set by the companies chosen to deliver the product.

  3. If the delivery is being made by courier company, the client can receive order number which will enable him to track the parcel.

  4. All orders are delivered to the address given by clients on the delivery forms.

  5. The formal issues connected to implementation of the order are made at the delivery point, and the person who is authorized, is the person who is delivering the product. In the case of the payment at the delivery, the payment should be made to a person who is carrying out the delivery (courier company).

  6. If the option chosen is “Payment at the Delivery”, the payment for the product should be made at the delivery in the way described in the Article III Point 5. If the payment method chosen is “Bank Transfer” the payment should be made before the product is sent off.

  7. Costs of the Delivery:

    COSTS OF THE COURIER IN RETAIL: Courrier Parcel when paying by bank transfer – 18 PLN

    Courrier Parcel when paying at the delivery point- 21 PLN

    COSTS OF THE COURRIER IN THE WHOLESALE: up to 1000 PLN net. Courrier Parcel – 29,99 PLN. We cover the costs of the delivery on the wholesale sales above 1000 PLN.


Guarantee, Complaint, Return of the Products. Breaking up the agreement.

  1. We put a lot of effort to make sure that the product ordered by our customers is a top quality. When receiving a parcel, you should unpack the delivery in the presence of a courier and if there are any mechanic damages you should conduct a protocol (Complaint Protocol) and make sure that it is signed by a customer and the delivery man. We only take back damaged products into consideration only if the protocol is filled and signed.
  2. If you find out any other defects which could not be caused during transport, we kindly ask to send the Product back to P.W.MONEKS 1 through normal post, including the invoice from the payment and full description of the defect. If the reclamation will be approved within 14 days of receiving the product, the product will be replaced by a new one. If replacement will not be possible, we will return the money to the given bank account.

  3. The reclamation connected to the different looks of the product, caused by the wrong settings of clients monitor will not be taken into consideration.
  4. After making the payment, the client has the right to open the parcel in the presence of the delivery man.

  5. The reclamations and complaints are held in P.W MONEKS 1, Chorzow next to Al. Harcerska 3A WPKiW, tel. +48 32 250 66 93 between 9:00-17:00 in the working days and 9:00-13:00 on Satrudays or in the different place shown on the receipt.
  6. The Client is obliged to deliver the damaged product to P.W Moneks 1 on his own cost. The P.W Moneks1 will not accept any payment parcells.

  7. According to act of law from 2 March 2000. about the protection of consumer rights and about the damaged and harms cause by a product (Dz. U. Nr 22, poz. 271) Art. 2 point 2, during the time of 10 days since receiving the product, the consumer has a right to return the product and break up the trade agreement without any explanation, according to the law about the agreements made on the distance. The law pointed out in this article is set on the consumer, it means that its only applied when the sale is made to a physical person, who is making the purchase not connected to any company or business activity. The products returned in this circumstances will only be accepted back when the product and accessories returned are not damaged, and will not have any signs of usage. Money for the returned Products, Client will receive through the bank transfer for the account set by the customer or by postal order to the given address. If the client decides to break the agreement and return the product, he shall cover all postal costs. 

Breaking the agreement requires the Client to fill in the appropriate statement.

  1. In all cases, we ask to pack the product in a hard package so that it is not damaged.

  2. On the rational reasons, the client can demand the return of the postal cost.
  3. The right of breaking the distance agreement does not apply in following cases:
  • Testify the services, agreed with the consumer, before the expiry date, described in article 7 legislation 1.

  • If the visual or audio content has been damaged or deleted by the consumer from its original state.

  • Agreements upon which prices depend on the movements on the financial markets.

Guarantee, and the right to cancel the agreement do not exist, when the product is damaged on the outside for unknown reasons. That is why, it is always important to check the product when received by the courier, if the package has not been destroyed during the transport. In the case, when the package has signs of damage the client should not accept the package and should create a protocol of damage and shall contact with the supplier to discuss the case.

V. Final Statement


  1. P.W MONEKS1 reserves the right to withdraw any product from sale at any time.

  2. Pictures of the products can slightly differ from the original looks.

  3. The prices of the products are presented with Polish Zloty and they do include VAT tax.

  4. The prices present on the web page do not reflect the prices from the Retail Stores operated by MONEKS1. Products ordered in the internet store may be picked up in person in the headquarters of the company in Chorzów by the Aleja Harcerska 3A.

  5. The above regulations are the only ones which describe how our internet store operates. Every client is obliged to get familiar with regulations and is connected with them when buying a product on the internet store.

  6. All opinions and questions shall be directed to our company via e-mail office@moneks1.pl. In case of problems which are not regulated by the rules, come under civil law legislation from 2 March 2000 about the protection of consumers and harm made by the product (Dz.U.00. nr 22 poz.2).

  7. Correspondence address of the shop: 41-500 Chorzów, WPKiW, Ośrodek Harcerski, Al. Harcerska 3A. e-mail: office@moneks1.pl

  8. P.W.MONEKS1 reserves the right to change rules and regulations. Any changes come into life at the time of being published on MONEKS1 web page.